Khan Khentii Tour

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Ulaanbaatar- Khan khentii
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8 days, 7 nights

Day 1: Getting to know Ulaanbaatar 

Day 2 – Ulaanbaatar – Khan Khentii Mountain Park 

Day 3 – Khan Khentii Mountain Park – Khukh Lake – Baldan Bereeven Monastery  

Day 4 – Bereeven Monastery – Rashaan Rock 

Day 5 – Rashaan Rock – Uglugch Castle 

Day 6 – Uglugch Castle – Deluun Boldog / Genghis Khan’s Birthplace /

Day 7 – Deluun Boldog – Onon White Lake – Ulaanbaatar 

Day 8 – Ulaanbaatar City tour

Getting to know Ulaanbaatar
Day 1

After arriving at the capital Ulaanbaatar we will pick you up from the airport or train station depending how you arrive and take you to the hotel.

After a rest you will be served lunch at your 3-4 star hotel then we will head down to the city center followed by the Zaisan Soviet soldiers memorial. Then we will make our way to visit the Buddha garden located in the head of the institute.

We will then visit the Bogd Khan Museum, this museum is a shrine of Mongolia’s last Khan from 1800 – 1900, the items shown are the history of Mongolian traditions, costumes and instruments.

In the evening you will be taken to watch the traditional folk dancing performances, eat dinner then head to the hotel. 

Ulaanbaatar – Khan Khentii Mountain Park
Day 2

We will have breakfast and then leave Ulaanbaatar heading south towards Khan Khentii mountain and the national park. Here you will see a beautiful natural landscape with green fields and on the other side you will see Onon river.

We will have lunch then spend the day fishing and hiking.

In the afternoon we will have dinner and stay at Ger camp for the night for rest. 

Khan Khentii Mountain Park – Khukh Lake – Baldan Bereeven Monastery
Day 3

We will have breakfast and set off to Khukh lake which was the place where Temuujin was enthroned as king of united tribes and titled Genghis Khan. After touring this site we will head towards Baldan Bereeven monastery.

After touring Baldan Bereeven monastery we will hike down the valley of the river to take pictures of the landscape and wildlife.

In the evening we will have dinner and spend the night at Ger camp.

Bereeven Monastery – Rashaan Rock
Day 4

We will have breakfast then set off to Rashaan rock, we will tour the site and observe the historical relevance, inscriptions and pictures engraved on it. Hundreds of animal figures, seal imprints and inscriptions in various scripts all of which belong to the Paleolithic period or the Mesolithic period are found on Rashaan Khad. There is 180 images on the foreside, over 40 on the backside and about 50 on the crest of a granite stone facing east. Archeologists signify this complex, which belongs to the period between Stone Age and the 16th century, as an important representative of memorials in eastern Mongolia. Surrounding area is full of cave paintings, various kinds of inscriptions, stone tools and graves of the Bronze Age, the Iron Age as well as the Hun period. Besides them, there are also historical memorials belong to the Bronze Age, the Khitan period and the Mongol Empire. On this cave there are stencil paintings of games and a human figure, hundreds of seal imprints of tribes and over 20 inscriptions in Khitan, Arabian, Persian, Tibetan, Chinese as well as Mongolian script.

In the evening we will have dinner and spend the night at Ger camp to rest. 

Rashaan Rock – Uglugch Castle
Day 5

After breakfast we will set off to a place called Uglugch Castle, this is the area where the remains of Genghis Khan’s exist.  His tomb, still unearthed is supposed to be near the area.  

Here we will see dozens of ancient caves and stone monuments.

After lunch we will visit the the Uglugsh Castle and go horse riding and visit nomadic families.

In the evening we will have dinner and spend the night at Ger camp.

Uglugch Castle – Deluun Boldog / Genghis Khan’s Birthplace /
Day 6

After breakfast we will head over to Genghis Khan’s birthplace called Deluun Boldog.

This is a beautiful collection of hills known as Deluun Boldog and this is where Genghis Khan was considered to be born in the year 1162, he took over half of the world with his empire.

In the evening we will have dinner and spend the night at Ger camp.

Deluun Boldog – Onon White Lake – Ulaanbaatar
Day 7

We will have breakfast and start the day heading back.

We will have lunch at Onon White Lake and after head towards Ulaanbaatar.

Once arrived in Ulaanbaatar we will check into a hotel and have dinner and then rest. 

Ulaanbaatar City tour
Day 8

We will eat breakfast and then set out on the city tour.

We will go and see Gandan, Sukhbaatar square and the national museum of Mongolia.

This museum shows the history, nomadic life, culture, heritage, ethnography and traditions of Mongolia.

After looking at the museum we will have lunch and go shopping around the shops.

We will also go to the cashmere shops including the State department store and Gobi.

In the evening we will go have dinner at the hotel.

Check out of the hotel and we will take you to the train station or airport. 

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