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Ulaanbaatar- Khentii
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7 days, 6 nights

Day 1 – Getting to know Ulaanbaatar

Day 2 – Ulaanbaatar – Ogii Lake 

Day 3 – Ogii Lake – Tsenkher soum  

Day 4 – Tsenkher soum – Chuluut Gorge 

Day 5 – Chuluut River – Arkhangai Province Center 

Day 6 – Arkhangai Province Center – Ulaanbaatar 

Day 7 – Ulaanbaatar City Tour

Getting to know Ulaanbaatar
Day 1

After arriving at the capital Ulaanbaatar we will pick you up from the airport or train station depending how you arrive and take you to the hotel.

After a rest you will be served lunch at your 3-4 star hotel then we will head down to the city center followed by the Zaisan Soviet soldiers memorial. Then we will make our way to visit the Buddha garden located in the head of the institute.

We will then visit the Bogd Khan Museum, this museum is a shrine of Mongolia’s last Khan from 1800 – 1900, the items shown are the history of Mongolian traditions, costumes and instruments.

In the evening you will be taken to watch the traditional folk dancing performances, eat dinner then head to the hotel. 

Ulaanbaatar – Ogii Lake
Day 2

We will have breakfast then set off to Lum soum.

We will have lunch then head towards the White House of Choghtu Khong Tayij and tour the castle ruins of Chin Togoi, Har Buh and Hul Asgat then go to Ogii lake.

In the evening we will have dinner at Ger camp and spend the night. 

Ogii Lake – Tsenkher soum
Day 3

We will have breakfast and head off to Ogii lake and go fishing

Ogii is a beautiful and unique freshwater lake boasting 17 species of fish, 27 species of plants and it has 48 species of animals. Altogether there are over 150 species of water birds, here we will eat lunch and carry on fishing and then head towards the Tsenkher soum.

We will stop off at Ger camp Tsenkher soum and go towards the hot springs. This hot springs sprout directly from the mountains and reach high temperatures of 65-90 degrees Celsius. The hot spring is 25 km south east of Arkhangai province, the hot spring contains the simple alkaline structure of Sodium of Sulphuric. This hot spring was used in ancient times for health and healing, it is good for the joints, inflammation, soft tissue injuries, stomach, anemia, fatigue, skin disease and diabetes. 

Tsenkher soum – Chuluut Gorge
Day 4

We will have breakfast then set off on the main highway towards Arkhangai province.

We will have lunch at Arkhangai after we arrive.

We will go towards Chuluut’s river and then get to see Taikhar rock, this rock is 18 meters high  granite rock, covered with 150 writings in many different languages and dating back from many different periods (runic, Bogd, Uyghur, Mongolian, Nangiad, Tibetan writings). The oldest one is the runic writing, dating back from the turkish period of the 6th and 7th centuries and there are many graffiti on this rock and old writings.

We will go to Ger camp near the rock and  head to the river by Chuluut and go fishing

We will have dinner in the evening and have a rest.

Chuluut River – Arkhangai Province Center
Day 5

We will have breakfast in the morning then we will tour Chuluut river.

After lunch we will explore Khorgiin Togoo volcano which exploded 9,000 years ago and has left a mountain and a crater, this has left a beautiful lake called Terkhiin Tsagaan lake (Great White lake)

After touring we will go fishing.

In the afternoon we will head back to Arkhangai Province Center and stay at Ger camp where we will have dinner and rest. 

Arkhangai Province Center – Ulaanbaatar
Day 6

We will have breakfast then set off towards Ulaanbaatar

On the way we will tour the sand  named Elsen  tasarkhai .There we will  ride camels and take pictures.

In the evening we will arrive in Ulaanbaatar .

Dinner at the hotel and rest.

Ulaanbaatar City tour
Day 7

We will eat breakfast and then set out on the city tour.

We will go and see Gandan, Sukhbaatar square and the national museum of Mongolia.

This museum shows the history, nomadic life, culture, heritage, ethnography and traditions of Mongolia.

After looking at the museum we will have lunch and go shopping around the shops.

We will also go to the cashmere shops including the State department store and Gobi.

In the evening we will go have dinner at the hotel.

Check out of the hotel and we will take you to the train station or airport. 

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