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Ulaanbaatar-South Gobi
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8 days, 7 nights

Day 1: Getting to know Ulaanbaatar 

Day 2: Ulaanbaatar – Mainland Rock 

Day 3 Mainland Rock - Dalanzadgad 

Day 4 - Dalanzadgad – Bayanzag, Flaming Cliffs 

Day 5 – Bayanzag – Moltzog Sand, Ong Temple 

Day 6 - Ong Temple – Kharkhorum

Day 7 – Kharakhorum - Elsen tasarkhai – Ulaanbaatar 

Day 8 – Ulaanbaatar City Tour 

Getting to know Ulaanbaatar
Day 1

After arriving at the capital Ulaanbaatar we will pick you up from the airport or train station depending how you arrive and take you to the hotel.

After a rest you will be served lunch at your 3-4 star hotel then we will head down to the city center followed by the Zaisan Soviet soldiers memorial. Then we will make our way to visit the Buddha garden located in the head of the institute.

We will then visit the Bogd Khan Museum, this museum is a shrine of Mongolia’s last Khan from 1800 – 1900, the items shown are the history of Mongolian traditions, costumes and instruments.

In the evening you will be taken to watch the traditional folk dancing performances, eat dinner then head to the hotel. 

Ulaanbaatar – Mainland Rock
Day 2

After having breakfast we will travel 247km on the highway to Choir town.

We will have lunch there and travel a further 137km to reach the site with limestone rock formations, hiking trails and 40 caves with underground passages. We will spend the day here taking pictures and hiking. In the evening we will be spending the night in a traditional Mongolian Ger camp and have dinner. 

Mainland Rock - Dalanzadgad
Day 3

We will have breakfast and start the day traveling 100km and arrive at “Tsagaan suvraga” which is known by name of “Moon Land”, a famous ancient white pyramid and have lunch.

It is an ancient seabed made of sedimentary clay and has millions of years of rain, wind damage which has molded this location into a naturally made beautiful landscape.

Here you can walk around and see the views and take pictures.

We will be staying at Ger camp in Dalanzadgad for the night and have dinner

Dalanzadgad – Bayanzag, Flaming Cliffs
Day 4

We will have breakfast and set off to Yolyn-am (Vulture Valley) once we arrive there we will have lunch followed by looking around the place.

Originally the area used to be frozen, this mountain gorge took the name of Yol bird which lives around the area. Yol means a bearded vulture in Mongolian. This place is 2800m high above sea level and a 64 sq km area around it was protected. This mountain valley has 40km-long canyon containing a small area of frozen snow melt at the far end. A number of rare plants and are found here.

After we will have dinner at Khongoryn sand dunes. Khongor sand dunes are the largest and most spectacular sand dunes located in Umnugovi province. If you get to the top of the mountain of sand you hear different type of sounds which sound clear.  

Bayanzag – Moltzog Sand, Ong Temple
Day 5

We will have breakfast we will walk around Bayanzag along the red road.

Bayanzag is a famous Mongolian site where you can find fossilized white dinosaur eggs and bones from 80-70 million years ago. 7000 years ago this location was founded by cavemen and was named “flaming cliffs” and became famous.

After traveling around this beautiful site we will have lunch followed by sand boarding at Moltzog.

In the evening we will visit the Ong Temple and then spend the night at Ger camp.

Ong Temple – Kharkhorum
Day 6

We will have breakfast and set off to Kharkhorum

We will have lunch after arriving at Kharkhorum, after we will visit Orkhon Valley then the Kharkhorum museum which will explain the history behind the location. After the museum we will visit the ancient church called Erdenzuu. Kharkhorum was the capital of Khublai Khan’s Mongolian dynasty for 40 years in his reign.

After site seeing we will ride horses around the beautiful scenery and take pictures.

We will be staying at Ger camp in  Kharkhorum to spend the night and rest. 

Kharakhorum - Elsen tasarkhai – Ulaanbaatar
Day 7

We will have breakfast then set off to Elsen tasarkhai.

We will have lunch after arriving at Elsen tasarkhai then set off to ride camels along the dunes and take pictures.

We will set off to Ulaanbaatar after and once we arrive in the city center we will check in to the hotel and have dinner and rest. 

Ulaanbaatar City Tour
Day 8

We will eat breakfast and then set out on the city tour.

We will go and see Gandan, Sukhbaatar square and the national museum of Mongolia.

This museum shows the history, nomadic life, culture, heritage, ethnography and traditions of Mongolia.

After looking at the museum we will have lunch and go shopping around the shops.

We will also go to the cashmere shops including the State department store and Gobi.

In the evening we will go have dinner at the hotel.

Check out of the hotel and we will take you to the train station or airport. 

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